The Meticulous Manicurist Online Acrylic Nails Course

Online Acrylic Nail Fill course

Proven ways to grow your business faster!

Online Acrylic Nails Course
After completing the online acrylic nails course you will receive a Meticulous Manicurist Acrylic Nails Certificate of Completion! You are on your way to becoming an amazing Meticulous Manicurist! Welcome to the network!  Continuing education is the key to the successful growth of your technical and business skills. And until now, there has never been a course available that combines business, technical, and social skills. Every tech from new to seasoned is going to gain priceless knowledge and implementation practices during my online acrylic nails course. My methods have been tested and proven to be useful to generate over 100k a year in gross service revenue. My goal is to develop the forgotten aspects of being a well-rounded nail technician and teach technical skills you may have never been exposed to. This online acrylic nails course will mold you into the most sought after nail technician in your area! And help you generate the income you want in your life!

Online Acrylic Nail Fill Course

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While her videos are so, so satisfying to watch, Halloway’s main goal is to “set a new standard of care in nail education.” 

Online Acrylic Nails Course Objectives

  • How to apply acrylic to avoid lifting
  • How to apply acrylic during fill service
  • How to utilize unique filing techniques
  • How to use business skills to build client base
  • How to increase your income 
  • How to rebalance a nail when it begins to grow off balance
  • How to improve service times utilizing organization skills
  • How to control clients fingers and hands
  • How to prevent back, wrist and neck pain
  • How to reduce your service times


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Join my robust, advanced learning to improve your services and gain the clientele to earn the income you deserve in your life. When you take my courses you become part of an elite group of nail technicians all over the world who set themselves above the rest. 

My motto has always been “Real life, real situations for real learning.” My course is unique in the fact I
am going to teach you everything I have learned over my 25-year career to get to where I am today! 


Lori Halloway

In the beginning, I was just like you. I was figuring it out as I went along. I never knew what was around the corner or what this career had in-store for me. I only knew I had to keep moving forward to reach my goals. I want to remove that learning curve for you and help you meet your goals quickly, without all the BS. Always keep moving forward, and you will get there too! I am going to take you step-by-step to become the best service provider in your area! I am going to show you the exact techniques I have used to grow and keep a standing clientele for over 26 years!

"“Satisfaction, gratification and achievement only come from dedication and hard work. The harder you work for something you want, the greater you will feel when you achieve it”"

acrylic Nails Fill Course

Proven ways to grow your business faster!

This course will shape your future as a nail technician. Giving you skills beyond the basic, giving you insight into the daily tasks to make them easy. When you take this course you are taking a valiant step to shape your future for the better. I share my trade secret strategies on how I used these same skills to generate over $100K a year salary!