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Specialty Toenail and Restoration Nail Technician STAR NT Master the Art of Nail Care - Transform Your Skills

Open to US Nail Technicians, Cosmetologists, Nurses, Podiatrists, UK Level 2 Nail Technicians, Canada Start Your New Career Today

Lori Halloway

Tackling Your Biggest Challenges as a Nail Technician

Dive deep into offering the care your clients truly need to reverse age-related toenail conditions. Break the cycle of “no solutions” with proven methods that genuinely work, showcasing your commitment to exceptional client care.

If you possess a deep-seated compassion for helping people overcome toenail conditions, you’re the perfect fit for our network. Join us in making a tangible difference in clients’ lives.

Discover the secrets to maintaining a safe and healthy salon environment. Learn about proper ventilation, safe tool handling, and allergy prevention. Learn proven patron protection and stay in your scope of practice.

Are you a visual learner eager to bolster your confidence? Our course allows you to watch, re-watch, and internalize lessons to deliver unparalleled care to your clientele.

Struggling with gaps in your appointment book? Our training provides the skills you need to revitalize your business and keep clients coming back.

Feeling stuck in your career? Our course helps you see the bigger picture, guiding you towards a path of financial stability and professional satisfaction.

Gain in-depth knowledge about the best products for every treatment. Understand the nuances of nail art products and maximize manicure longevity.

Ready to expand your knowledge past the basics? Although we cover the essentials of a stellar pedicure service, our course also delves into specialized techniques for treating various nail conditions like pincer nails, ram’s horn nails, ingrown nails, thickening, discoloration, and fungal issues.

Perfect your techniques with hands-on training. Learn from detailed tutorials on nail polish application, nail art designs, and artificial nail application.

The Meticulous Manicurist Methods


Premium Training

Unlock the secrets of unparalleled nail technology with our step-by-step, tried-and-true techniques. We offer insights that promise transformation. Embark on a journey of knowledge, finesse, and passion, and emerge with skills that don't just impress but resonate!


Online on your time

Dive into a comprehensive 22-hour learning experience meticulously crafted for nail technicians like you. Our courses are segmented into digestible, self-paced modules, ensuring you easily grasp every nuance. Elevate your expertise, refine your touch, and command mastery, all on a schedule that complements your rhythm.


Reinforced Learning

Unlock lifetime access to your chosen course(s), a treasure trove you can revisit whenever inspiration strikes or a refresher beckons. This evergreen resource ensures your advanced skills remain intact and continue to gleam with precision and prowess.

Different Training Courses for Different Objectives

I’m growing a network of Nail Technicians who want to care for their clients in the best possible way. To meet the needs of the mainstream population. The methods I teach range from regular wellness pedicures to specialized restorative pedicures. The transformative outcomes you can produce offer hope for clients with ANY toenail concerns. With over 300 million channel views, it’s clear the public places immense trust in our expertise. Nail technicians trained under the Meticulous Manicurist banner are sought after—they symbolize a gold standard of care and assurance.

Certification Course

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This comprehensive 22-hour training program will empower you with the skills for unparalleled success. There is no other pedicure training experience like it available. Explore the detailed training modules by clicking 'Learn More.' Delve deep into the nuances of staying within the scope of practice, effectively addressing ingrown toenails, and ensuring your well-being with correct body ergonomics. Master the intricacies of catering to a diverse clientele, from handling elderly toenail changes to understanding essential business dynamics and beyond. Earn your sought-after title as a Certified Meticulous Manicurist Tech, and unlock an exclusive opportunity to receive client referral from our Meticulous Manicurist Network Map.*

*Map Placement isn’t included in course price and must meet state guidelines to be listed. 


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As a dedicated caregiver, further help your family member or patient by learning the proper way to handle nail problems and relieve them of any unnecessary discomfort. Foot Care Nurses who have taken the course boast they learned more in this course than they did in Nursing School. Learning safe techniques to provide comfort and dignity trumps whether you are charging for your service or helping a family member. We deliver the eduction you need to develop your skills and address the toughest toenail concerns to give people back their dignity and provide hope.


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For nail techs who are looking to upgrade their service menu slowly. Add specific course subjects to master one category at a time then add the next level to perfect your skiills at your own pace. Choose from the best Pedicure Techniques, Ingrown Toenail Cleaning, and how to work on thick toenails to transform and restore the appearance of your clients nails. You can even add our to Acrylic Nails training. Our courses keep you in scope and build a happy client base.

Bold Let’s be Real. When it comes to clients searching for a quality service... they find disappointment more than anything. They'd rather continue to visit walk in salons and sacrifice quality for time.
Consumers are Searching for You!

Introducing STAR NT - Specialty Toenail and Restoration Nail Technician

🌟 Are you a dedicated nail technician looking to be recognized as a true expert in your field? 🌟

We believe in enhancing beauty and wellness through Restoration, Prevention, and Preservation. Our mission is to empower nail technicians like you to significantly impact the lives of clients who have been turned away from salons due to unwanted toenail conditions, hence Restoration. But clients who want a thorough pedicure to prevent and preserve their nails are also searching for you!

🌟 What is a STAR Nail Technician? 🌟

A STAR Nail Technician is a prestigious title and advanced level designation, symbolizing excellence and expertise in nail care. STAR stands for Specialty Toenail and Restoration Nail Technician, representing the pinnacle of advanced techniques in nail care.

Our STAR Nail Technicians have completed training with the Meticulous Manicurist Nail Academy, acquiring the skills and knowledge to restore the esthetic beauty of even the most challenging toenails and ensure patron protection. They don’t just provide cosmetic solutions; they offer genuine relief from discomfort and instill hope in clients who have long suffered from neglected toenail conditions.

Electric File Pedicure Course

Why Choose to Be a STAR Nail Technician?

What Graduates Have to Say

Gigi Clark
Gigi Clark
Nail Technician
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“Thank you so much for this wonderful course. I have learned so many new techniques and time saving tips. There was more information in this course regarding pedicures than anything I was taught while going to school for my nail license. Thank you Lori!”
Christina Dickinson
Christina Dickinson
Nail Technician
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"This has been an amazing training for me. it has more than doubled my business. Lori Halloway covers everything from inventory, how to, book keeping, information on tools, proper posture, exercises, includes sheets to customize for your inventory. More business tips that I did not get in school. It is definitely worth the investment for your business."
Gay Pucket
Gay Pucket
Read More
“I found you while going to Cosmetology School 5 years ago. I am amazed with all the training videos. My school only touched on the basics and your videos have added so much knowledge. The course exceeds my expectations. Our clientele is older and your course is spot on for their issues. I have to tell you that so far, (going on 71 in a few days) my favorite module was The Ergonomics Module.”
Owin Knight
Owin KnightNail Technician
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"Best money I’ve spent ! She is a wealth of knowledge and extremely supportive professional there to answer questions long after you’ve finished the course. I have gotten so many referrals from this certificate from near and far. I would 1000000% recommend this. She does not do anything out of our scope of practice that’s easily verified by calling your state board. I am able to help people others turn away and it warms my heart. She is changing lives and I’m honored she’s willing to teach what she knows."
Diana O'Neit Helmick
Diana O'Neit Helmick
Read More
"You taught what I didn't learn in nail school 20 years go. They touched on the subjects but YOU made me completely understand them! You are always right there when I have had a question or a comment. You made ME want to do all that you do in your pedicure services because you made me understand WHY you do it. I get each and everything you taught and I appreciate you for the extended explanation or shall I say the extended learning. Now I have completely haply clients after they leave me. It's a great investment into your career and my client list has more than doubled."
Marjorie G. Binegar​
Marjorie G. Binegar​
Read More
"I am a licensed cosmetologist I learned basic nail care in school but did not learn foot care. My main concern in a pedicure service is to provide great foot care as well as nail care. It’s not all about the polish. This is where we are in the nail industry, a fast buck and a polish job. I’m all about the care of the feet and nails, because they will take us through life, The polish will fade. This is why I took your course. Your classes are more about proper footcare as well as the polish. Thank you for providing this educational course to obtain the knowledge from someone that has been in the business for many years and has provided real life situations for problem nails and feet. Thanks again."
Denise Spragg
Denise Spragg
Nail Technician
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“Your course has met and exceeded my expectations, and although here in the UK any training we undertake has to be accredited by the professional bodies (we don't have state boards here), I was able to complete it and get insured by already having a pedicure certificate and using yours as continued professional development. I now have 23 new clients booked...and I can't wait to get them feeling comfortable and rebooked! Thank you for giving my business a serious lift!” Update 2023 I LOVE The Meticulous Manicurist Nail Tutorials! I’m in the UK, was one of Ms Halloway’s first clients, and my business has grown 833% since taking her course. Her hygiene protocols are absolutely on point, teaching is the most through, complete and comprehensive I’ve come across in 15 years of training, and business skills and marketing come with the knowledge. Just two words -do it!
Imani Safi
Imani Safi
Nail Technician
Read More
I have been watching your videos since they were flipped on in class by my “nail instructor” back in 2019 when I took the licensing program. I saw that you were great at what you do and your teaching style is just as meticulous as your method. I would watch your videos thinking “why can’t my instructor instruct this way considering I am paying for this course with her?” But it is what it is. I love helping people and I saw that what you do with the advanced pedicures was right up my alley. I know the struggles of either being overweight or having health issues that prevent one from being able to care properly for their feet. It’s not just beauty for them, it can mean pain or relief. And so I knew I wanted to learn from you. When I found out that you offered a course that could help me get back on track and fill in whatever gaps the school failed in… I prayed on it, planned it and then the funds came available and so I jumped on this. So now I have to make it count as it was an investment and well worth it & hubby supported it. So now I am here & I am happy that you get to be my instructor. 

Built on Experience

Immerse yourself in the world of top-tier nail technology, honed and perfected by the industry’s pedicure expert, Lori Halloway. With a long history of 30 years shaping the techniques used in nail aesthetics, Lori, widely celebrated as “The Meticulous Manicurist,” brings you a repertoire of advanced techniques that are transformative and innovative. Whether you’re a budding nail artist or a seasoned professional looking to elevate your craft, our academy offers a curated blend of training, expert insights, and personalized guidance. Join us to learn and master the art of pedicures, ensuring every moment with a client exudes excellence. These techniques and results resonate with the public!

This course respects the National Occupational Standards in the United Kingdom and doesn’t contain Module 7 Specialized Pedicure Training to ensure you are able to obtain insurance with your certification.

Lori Halloway is more than just a pedicure expert with an illustrious career that spans nearly three decades; she’s a global industry authority. Her unparalleled techniques, rooted in the precision and expertise that people worldwide actively seek, have placed her as the Top Pedicure Specialist on the international front. By undertaking this course, not only will you master these highly coveted skills, but upon completion, you’ll also earn the esteem of being associated with the fastest-growing network designed to meet public needs. Align yourself with this momentum and pave the way for a career that’s both fulfilling and financially rewarding. Your goals are our goals, and we hope you top our industry achievements! The client’s and transformative results are the most important aspect of this business.

Meticulous Manicurist Mission Statement

“At the Meticulous Manicurist Online Nail Academy, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the world of nail care by offering comprehensive online training in pedicure and manicure. Under the expert guidance of Lori Halloway, a globally recognized leader with 30 years of experience, our academy provides premium, transformative education tailored for both aspiring and seasoned nail technicians. Our mission is to empower our students with unparalleled skills and knowledge, enabling them to deliver exceptional care and achieve professional excellence. We are committed to building a network of nail technicians who set the gold standard in client care and satisfaction. Through our diverse course offerings, from wellness pedicures to specialized restorative treatments, we aim to meet the diverse needs of our clientele and ensure our graduates are highly sought after in the industry. Our academy stands for innovation, quality, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in nail technology, ensuring our students not only succeed professionally but also inspire hope and provide comfort to their clients”

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