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~Dottie Knight said:
“I have my NASP CMP certificate from North American School of Podology as well. However, it was this course that truly provided me the knowledge and skills to provide my clients with the best solutions for their troubled feet.” 
~ Lea McIntyre said:
Basic pedicure courses are a dime a dozen. But if you want to become a sought after problem feet pedicurist in your area, take The full Meticulous Manicurists course. It has helped me gain a great deal of knowledge to confidently change my clients lives. Short of a PHD, you won’t learn more than what is taught via Lori’s course. In just a couple of short months and I am getting a reputation for helping people with problem feet. It is rewarding beyond belief to see how happy and pain free they are when they leave. Lori’s marketing ideas have helped spread the word. Thank you so much Lori… I am in my element and love what I do.
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The course has given me the confidence in handling issues with problem feet and performing a proper pedicure within the scope of my license. The marketing section in the course has allowed me to quickly obtain clients and repeat customers.Thanks Lori
~Denise Spragg said:

“I’ve been following Lori’s YouTube channel for some time now, and as a reflexologist and pedicurist in the Uk, I found them fascinating. So, when she started the Academy, I joined up as soon as I could. The booking process was very easy, especially the offer of payment in installments. When I received the course content, I was so excited to start, and right from the first module, I knew I was in expert hands. Brilliant content expertly explained, and when I advertised my new services, I picked up 23 new clients in the first three days! Note for techs in the UK, you do need to hold a pedicure qualification accredited in the UK to gain insurance, but trust me, you won’t have learned this stuff at college! So fascinating, and would highly recommend it. Thank you, Lori!” 

~Traci Shelton said:
“The information you’ve provided is priceless. If I may be candid, I initially went to nail school just to provide outstanding pedicures because I felt there was a lack of thoroughness in my area. I have since expanded my thinking beyond simple pedicures after stumbling upon your YouTube channel during my time in school and watching just about everything you’ve posted. I remember wishing/hoping that I could interview you or attend one of your workshops one day. I can’t believe that this opportunity fell before me. I thank you so much for empowering me with detailed information and breakdowns that will carry me the rest of my career.” 

~Andrea Whisenant, New Mexico:
As an experienced advanced nail tech with over 700 hours in hands-on Manicurist training. I’m licensed in both Alaska and New Mexico. I began my career 3 years ago watching the Meticulous Manicurist and others on YouTube as I studied. I was very excited to see your online courses for Pedicures and immediately knew that I could learn more. I was not let down.  I highly recommend this class as a tool in your toolbox as it’s invaluable in helping those who need your services.  I look forward to being a part of this global network and sharing all of my skills with others.

~Marion Cole :
Your academy is THEEEEEE BEST INVESTMENT I COULD HAVE EVERRRRR MADE!!!It has surpassed anything I thought I was expecting. The DETAILING, the STEP by STEP instructions, the MANY LIVE examples, and the fact that you were answering questions I had as if I was in an actual classroom with you.  You have me engaged and have my FULL ATTENTION.

I have learned MORE from your course thus far than I’ve learned in my 3 months in NAIL SCHOOL.  What you are doing and the care, love, passion, and dedication that you have to your clients and the pride you have in what you do is EXACTLY how I feel.  I’m a NEW technician but I’m tapping into what makes my heart smile one foot at a time, I can’t wait to be the BEST there is to offer. I would 1000% recommend your course to anyone that has the LOVE and PASSION to do what you do.  

~ Ty Whitmore:
I just wanted to thank you for creating this course. I had stopped doing nails for a few years and when I made the decision to start back, I came across your YouTube videos.  They were so informative that I decided to take your full course.  Needless to say, that was the best decision I made. I have learned a lot of new things and the course also helped me to brush back up on some of my old skills. I would definitely recommend this course to new and seasoned nail techs. This course is packed with great information that is very useful to any nail tech looking to take her career to the next level.
~LeKisha W.
“I took the Meticulous Manicurist Online Training course. It exceeded my expectations. It was well worth the investment. It covered all areas in order for you to be successful. The training is very informative and detailed. It’s unlike any other training you will find elsewhere. I would definitely recommend it!”
~ Ashley Red, Nevada
“I just want to thank you, I learned SO much.”
~Gigi Clark, Nevada
“Thank you so much for this wonderful course. I have learned so many new techniques and time saving tips. There was more information in this course regarding pedicures than anything I was taught while going to school for my nail license. Thank you Lori!”
~Lisa Martin
I have been a licensed nail tech for 22yrs. I learned so much from your course, some of it was a refresher, but most were things not taught in school, of course. I was really interested in providing better and thorough massages, cleaning of dead skin and how to work on toenail disorders of my clients, but I learned so much more! Thank you for offering this, much needed, continued education in our industry.
~Stephanie Cox  Florida
I’m so excited to have completed your course! I absolutely loved your step-by-step tutorials. Your training is packed with real-life and that my friend is worth every penny! Thank you for the opportunity to learn from You, your guidance has already helped me. 

~ Wendy Hoke, CO

After 25 years in the business I have learned so much from your course. I was very hesitant to make purchase the course, because salons were shut down, but with Covid I felt I needed a new direction and it was just what I needed! It kept my spirits going in the direction of what I love doing best! 
Thank you so much for all the attention to detail you put in to making The Global Meticulous Manicurist course!!
~ Tracy Childs
I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate Lori Halloway “The Meticulous Manicurist” ❤️. Her pedicure course has elevated my skills and keeping me very busy 👣! People with “troubled toes” are traveling hours to have a pedicure with me 😀.

Premium Education

Belong to an elite network 

Student Success

Each student gets their own account to access on the go.

School Discounts

Educational institution rate. 

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