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Online Training for Nail Technicians

The online training for nail technicians delivers valuable information by an expert in the field for over 26+ years. The content delivery is excellent and on point to ensure complete comprehension and easy duplication! Nail technicians all over the world tout the instruction abilities of Lori Halloway and rave about the valuable time, enrichment, and income they gained.

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Actionable Training

Learn step-by-step tested and proven techniques to build your business.

Learn My Secrets

Join my Network Become a Certified Meticulous Manicurist.

Premium Material​

Want to be a good technician or a great one? My content is essential to develop your skills.

Easy to Follw

The program is broken down into easy to follow, work at your own pace modules. As you complete each section you will move onto the next module after completing a competency quiz.

Popular Courses

The Complete Meticulous Manicurist Pedicure Course and Referral Network is our most popular choice. It includes most modules in our course library plus bonus documents and .pdf downloads. Not ready for the entire course?
Take each module individually.

academy meticulous manicurist network

Global Meticulous Manicurist Pedicure Network Certification Course

This Course Pack combines 17 Courses valued at over $6,000. Join my Network and learn to provide the type of care people need most and skyrocket your career. Upon completion, you have the opportunity to have your business information added to my Network Map for anyone looking for a qualified Meticulous Manicurist to find you.


Acrylic Nails Course

The Meticulous Manicurist Acrylic Nails Course. Advance your skills, grow your clientele, and increase your income!


Electric File Pedicure Online Training Course

Electric File Nails Online Training Module


Electric File Nails Online Training Course

Menu Makeover Course Profitable Pedicures

Menu Makeover for a Profitable Pedicure Practice

Menu Makeover for a Profitable Pedicure Practice

Online Nail Class Business Attributes

Business Attributes for a Successful Nail Business

Client Consultation

Client Consultation

Client Consulation

meticulous manicurist academy online pedicure training

Welcome What to Expect Module 1

Welcome Module 1

online training nails

How to Recover Damaged Nails in 1 Hour

pedicure tools and techniques

Pedicure Tools, Techniques, Timing, and Pricing Course

online pedicure training class course

Regular Pedicure Step-by-Step Course

nail polish for beginners

Nail Polish Techniques

Learn every aspect involving perfect nail polish application. I will cover pressure, speed, direction, angle, thickness and more.

Develop Your Skills Earn The Career You Want

Lori Halloway — Founder & CEO.

The skills you need in the real world are not the ones you learned to pass the state board of cosmetology exam. I teach you detailed skills that will take you to the top of your career. 

Inside I teach you the exact techniques I used to produce over 100K salary per year.

The Global Meticulous Manicurist Network consists of the best nail technicians around the world. They are the most sought after techs in their communities and are listed on The Meticulous Manicurist Referral Network.

Every client will have individual needs. I will teach you everything you need to know in order to please every client and keep them coming back.

Join Our Happy Students Today!

Robust, advanced learning to improve your services and gain the clientele you want and need to earn the income you deserve. Check out the available courses today!

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