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Salon Retail
Partner Program

For salons & self-employed nail technicians

If you are here, you are most likely on the Global Meticulous Manicurist Network Map. Clients are searching for Certified Meticulous Manicurists all over the world. They also need high-quality, reliable manicure and pedicure implements they can use at home. You’ve already partnered with the most sought after network in the beauty industry. Take your career to the next level by adding salon retail to increase your bottom line. 


Durable, efficient, and effective implements to make your job easier, provide client comfort, and help you get more clients in a day.

client trust

By carrying Meticulous Manicurist brand of tools and products, your clients trust your business decisions are in align with the trusted our brand.

increase your income

Client traffic is a great way to earn residual income. Adding this revenue stream to your business is the fastest way to increase your bottom line. Earning more money can help you install new equipment and more.

Start Up Package

To qualify as a Meticulous Manicurist retailer you, must first fill out the application below. And after approval must first purchase the start-up package. 

Open Ordering

After your initial start-up package, you can order groups of implements as needed.

Retailer Agreement: Products are to be sold in your business or on your own personal website. You are not permitted to sell Meticulous Manicurist brand on Amazon or eBay.

Clients will appreciate the premium tools they can use at home in between services to help make your job easier.

Prevention & Preservation

Ergonomics is the most critical aspect of the nail industry. Start your nail technicians out on the right foot by protecting them with the only patented ergonomically-designed hand rest, The Ergo Lift, in the world.

Prevention and preservation are the keys to success for every nail technician on the planet. With the help of The Ergo Lift, you can also increase your productivity, speed, and efficiency, all of which lead to an increase in school revenue. They will improve their timing to get more clients on their schedule to increase revenue all around. 

Join our Salon Retailer Network today!

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