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Body Ergonomics for Nail Technicians

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Body ergonomics is the last thing a new tech thinks about when starting in this industry. It takes time to build strength and stamina to get through long days. Providing service on other people is a very physical job. You might not think so because nail technicians sit when performing their services but the physical toll on a nail technicians joints is brutal. And if you don’t take care of your body you will be part of the 5 year burnout group of techs who couldn’t make it in the business because they couldn’t tolerate the physical downfalls.

Common repetitive use injuries in the nail industry

  1. Posterior pelvic tilt
  2. Sciatica
  3. Reverse curve of the neck
  4. Rolled shoulders
  5. Hip bursitis
  6. Carpal tunnel
  7. Cubital tunnel
  8. Tennis elbow
  9. Tendonitis

All of these conditions can be prevented to keep you healthy, happy and productive. I am going to teach you stretches later in the module to reverse many of the conditions I just listed but I want to talk to you first about preventative measures.

“Success begins with a philosophy of Prevention and preservation”

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