Enhancing beauty and wellness through Restoration, Prevention, and Preservation


Specialty Toenail and Restoration Nail Technician

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Want to attract clients who are a perfect match to become regulars for life? If so, you need to celebrate your professional development…curious how? 

I’ll show you how to show off your expertise and showcase your talent. Get the exposure you need by joining our professional educational alliance, STAR NT.


Bold Let’s be Real. When it comes to clients searching for a quality service they find disappointment more than anything. They would rather continue to visit walk in salons and sacrifice quality for time.
Consumers are Searching for You!

Introducing STAR NT - Specialty Toenail and Restoration Nail Technician

🌟 Are you a dedicated nail technician looking to be recognized as a true expert in your field? 🌟

We believe in enhancing beauty and wellness through Restoration, Prevention, and Preservation. Our mission is to empower nail technicians like you to significantly impact the lives of clients who have been turned away from salons due to unwanted toenail conditions, hence Restoration. But clients who want a thorough pedicure to prevent and preserve their nails are also searching for you!

🌟 What is a STAR Nail Technician? 🌟

A STAR Nail Technician is a prestigious title and advanced level designation, symbolizing excellence and expertise in nail care. STAR stands for Specialty Toenail and Restoration Nail Technician, representing the pinnacle of advanced techniques in nail care.

Our STAR Nail Technicians have completed training with the Meticulous Manicurist Nail Academy, acquiring the skills and knowledge to restore the esthetic beauty of even the most challenging toenails and ensure patron protection. They don’t just provide cosmetic solutions; they offer genuine relief from discomfort and instill hope in clients who have long suffered from neglected toenail conditions.

Electric File Pedicure Course

Why Choose to Be a STAR Nail Technician?

Meet the founder of STAR NT

Lori Halloway is a true luminary in the field of nail technology with over 30 years of experience. Her vision is to elevate the industry and provide a lifeline to Nail Technicians and clients is embedded in her Meticulous Manicurist Online Nail Academy. The only visionary is the field, so far, with the courage to defend the right of clients to get complete care when they’ve been turned away from salons and Podiatrists. A pioneer in developing skills and techniques to safely help clients and maintain the scope of practice set by state cosmetology boards. The developer of cutting edge education that helped international organizations like Habia, mold their National Occupational Standards for advanced foot and nail care. A leader in networking with reputable and ethical educators and nail education companies like Janet McCormick Nailcare Academy, and others who all have their specialties.

You might have been told you aren’t allowed to work on toenails that don’t look perfect, but that is only because the school doesn’t teach the necessary skills to do so. State Boards of Cosmetology encourage continuing education with private industry companies but don’t regulate them. Becoming a Specialty Toenail and Restoration Nail Technician fills the gap and is a much needed niche market all while staying in your scope of practice. 

So many incredible Nail Technicians think they have to work in a podiatry office to offer complete client care. Some Podiatrists try to hire nail technicians to bring in cash services to their business due to the low reimbursement of insurance companies. You don’t have to work in a podiatry office, you can even become your own business!

 I have the solutions, and I teach you what you need to help people from the most basic regular pedicure to the most advanced cases, SAFELY and LEGALLY! I know you have big goals and I’m here to help you achieve those goals

Why Choose to Be a STAR Nail Technician?

✨ Make a Real Difference: STAR NT empowers you to rescue thousands of clients who have been left without options due to the limitations of traditional salons.

✨ Gain Recognition: Our STAR NT designation is a badge of honor, signifying your commitment to excellence and dedication to helping people improve their nail health.

✨ Collaboration with Podiatrists: Even podiatrists refer clients to STAR Nail Technicians because of insurance coverage and limited reimbursements. Join a community of professionals trusted by healthcare experts.

Continual Growth: We welcome nail technicians who have taken advanced training from reputable companies to apply and join our ranks. STAR NT is dedicated to ongoing education and development.

The work that we do together is not just about growth,
is about helping your community near and far
by providing the real life services clients need
and upgrading the beauty industry

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