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The purpose of the course “How to Recover Damaged Nails” is to teach detailed manipulative skills to work on natural nails after removing acrylic or any other artificial product, to use proper ergonomic body posture to avoid repetitive use injuries, and to blend manicuring sills with gel polish to create a beautiful finished look that allows the client to grow her natural nails after removing artificial products from the nail plate.


Recover Damaged Nails Course


Are your nails thin, sore, & fragile after removing products like acrylic, dip, or gel nails?

I can teach you how to have relief and recover your nails in just 60 minutes! Am I kidding? Nope! Is it magic? Heck no. Are you serious? Absolutely!

Are your nails damaged from removing acrylic or other artificial products from your nails? Learn the exact steps the meticulous manicurist takes to recover damaged nails in just one hour! This exclusive course shows you step by step the exact products and procedures you need to go from beat up to beautiful! learn detailed manipulative skills to care for your thin, sore, and in need of some love nails today with this exclusive offer.

Course Objectives:

  • Utilize patron protection and disease control protocols to meet client expectations and needs
  • Understand nail technician/client relationships and use proper communication skills to interpret client needs and respect the need to deliver an excellent service to retain and build a steady clientele
  • Perform advanced manipulative skills in manicuring to improve the appearance of the nails without causing harm
  • To use manicuring tools, procedures, and equipment to accomplish the service in a timely manner, 30 minutes. The order in which you perform the steps is very important
  • Apply the theory, technical information, and related matter to assure operating in the scope of practice according to their state rules and regulations

Online Course Objectives

Learn How To…

  • Exact, step-by-step techniques
  • Products needed
  • Detailed, manipulative skills
  • Work on nails after removing artificial products such as acrylic, gel, or dip powder
  • Blend manicuring on natural nails with aspects of certain products to create a beautiful, finished look
  • Prevent back, wrist, and neck pain with body ergomics

For the...


Fix common mistakes from self-manicuring.


Address your client's nail troubles.


Repair nails in a breeze.


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