Customized Pedicure Course

Learn every detailed movement you need to successfully complete a customized pedicure, relieve impacted toenails, & more with the Customized Pedicure Course.


COURSE DESCRIPTION: The purpose of the Customized Pedicure Course is to train you how to identify and clean around toenails that need more care and attention than a person who fits into the regular pedicure category. The client who fits into the customized category has nails that are often long and digging into their skin. They might think they have an ingrown toenail but most likely it is only impacted. This client goes too long in-between services and has an abundance of visible nonliving tissue that needs to be removed from around their nails and the bottom of their feet, but they do not need to have most of their nails thinned and they do not have nail fungus. You most likely will need to use your electric file to assist here and there during the service but nothing to the extent a specialized pedicure service requires.

In this course, I will teach you how to relieve a client’s pains and utilize proper physics and hand position of Meticulous Manicurist stainless steel implements to prevent future injury. How to care for elderly feet and nails, and incorporate Diabetic Care.


Upon completion of the course, the graduate will be able to

  • Perform necessary manipulative skills using the stainless steel pedicure tools
  • Practice proper techniques in order to clean around an impacted toenail that results in relief for the client without causing injury or discomfort
  • Complete all pedicure skills and procedures in the most effective and efficient way to ensure completion of the service within 60 minutes


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