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Angel Feet Foot File Mini Pro


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Angelfeet Mini Pro Professional File is available as a double-sided file and has a wide surface. One side is rough for hard cracked and calloused skin and the other is for not so rough skin. You get the same fine/abrasive side with each file to accommodate your patient needs.

The file 25% smaller than professional series.

Patented Technology

AngelFeet files are etched out a single piece of surgical grade stainless steel, to create thousands of pyramids into a pattern to safely remove dry, cracked, and calloused skin.

This technology makes the pedicure fast, safe, and easy to use, without cutting or grating the skin.


100% Sterilizable

This nail file is also fully sterilizable. Surgical-grade stainless steel construction allows the file to be autoclaved or placed in any germicide solution.
The design pattern also naturally helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus.

 Longer Lasting

Angelfeet files feature a revolutionary smoothing surface that will outlast any file. Made from the finest quality surgical stainless steel, our innovative design incorporates thousands of microscopic pyramids working in all directions to safely remove, dry, cracked and calloused skin.


In fact, the safety of our Angelfeet Pedicure File is safer in that there are no raised cutting blades to cause microscopic abrasions to the skin which can cause infections.

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