Rules & Regulations Patron Protection and Disease Control

1. Watch the Lesson Video All the Way to The End it is a timed lesson and wont allow you to finish unless you have watched to the last second..
2. Download the Material located on the Materials Tab.
Homework 1
1. Print the Diseased and Disorders Names Sheet
2. Print the Definitions
cut the tape the definitions to the back of the names and use as flash cards or a matching game.
Cut the cards and definitions to use as a matching game. Mix the definitions and match them to the corresponding names.
Homework 2 – the names of the diseases and disorders will take practice to learn and recognize.
a. Write each word and each definition on paper to help you remember the definitions to memorize them.

Homework 3 Find your state or area rules and regulations. Print them and study them.
Print the sample Michigan Rules and Regulations to read if you do not have a governing body in your area to maintain the industry.


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Homework 1 
Disorder:Disease Names
Disorder:Disease Names Definitions

Homework 2 
Reinforced learning by writing the name and definitions on paper

Homework 3 
Find and print you local rules and regulations or print the following rules and regulations to read. 
Michigan Article 12
Michigan Administrative Code 

Homework 4
Do a practical hand washing exercise to exhibit you understand how to wash appropriately. 


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