Module 7 Specialized Pedicure Procedures

Course Description:

The purpose of the specialized Pedicure course is to train you how and when to use an electric file during a pedicure to contour thick nails utilizing the proper physics to avoid client injury. How to use appropriate bits and disinfection protocol between uses, how to use appropriate ergonomic body posture to prevent repetitive use injuries, Learn the different causes of nail fungus and how to recognize it in a clients nails. To assist you in forming a plan of action to improve the clients nails over a period of time. 

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of the course the graduate will be able to: 

  1. Utilize the stainless steel pedicure tools in necessary manipulative skills,
  2. Use the electric file to reduce the thickness of nails
  3. Recognize if a clients nail has nail fungus and what to recommend to restore the appearance of the nails. 
  4. Practice safe filing techniques to protect the client from injury and the tech from cross contamination.
  5. Complete all pedicure skills and procedures most effectively and efficiently to ensure completion of service within 75 minutes.

7 Specialized Pedicure Course Lesson
7.1 Specialized Pedicure Tutorial Mold Nail Fungus
7.2 Specialized Pedicure Tutorial Athletes Foot Nail Fungus
7.3 Specialized Pedicure Tutorial Yeast Nail Fungus
7.4 Specialized Pedicure Tutorial Dermatophyte Nail Fungus

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