Module 5 Regular Pedicure Procedures

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The purpose of the Regular Pedicure course is to train you on how to trim, shape, file, clean around the nail and buff the nail plate. To use proper physics and hand position of stainless steel implements to prevent injury to the client.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of the course requirements the graduate will be able to: 

1. Utilize the stainless steel pedicure tools in necessary  manipulative skills,

2. Practice proper techniques in order to clean, shape and beautify the toenails for the client. 

3. Remove buildup from the bottom of the feet to prevent callous build up and ensure comfort.

4. Complete all pedicure skills and procedures in the most effective and efficient way to ensure completion of service within 45 minutes.

5. Apply the information and related material to a regular pedicure service for a successful outcome, that includes meeting client expectations.

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