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Nail polish Techniques Course

Learn the exact same steps I use every day to polish nails in 4-5 minutes. I can teach you every detailed movement you need to successfully complete a polish change on nails that lasts for weeks and on toenails that lasts for months. You will meet every client expectation, and provide the highest level of service to increase your income, or polish your nails at home! Anyone can become an expert in nail polish application and I can teach you how!

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Course Objectives

nail polish tutorial

Learn Trade Secrets of Nail Polish Application Manipulative Skills

Take your skills to a new level when you understand the how and why to use each aspect of polishing nails.

polish nails at home

Learn Detailed Manipulative Skills

Eliminate the frustration of polishing nails. There is a method to the madness you need to know. Learn how to complete a polish change in minutes, with ease, that lasts for weeks!

polish nails at home

Build Your Credibility & Confidence

Want to impress your clients with nails that don’t chip? Everyone will be in awe at your graceful application. Apply the information and related material to a manicure and pedicure service for successful outcomes. Save your sanity and time by completing thorough and flawless services.

Lori Halloway The Meticulous Manicurist


the Meticulous Manicurist

Lori Halloway, known as The Meticulous Manicurist on YouTube, is an expert in the field of nail technology specializing in pedicures. She is an authority on products, procedures and pedicure techniques, body ergonomics, and business growth. She has given over 20k pedicures in her 25 year career.  She has impacted the lives of nearly 120 million people from every country in the world with her pedicure tutorials on YouTube. Her subscriber count is growing steady at 10K a month and now at 409K. She is sought out for advice from people all over the world with unique toenail situations and helps educate the industry with public speaking engagements and live appearances, along with her book on salon apprenticeship.

Halloway is a successful entrepreneur, salon owner of 18 years, inventor, author, wife, and mother. She has been featured by  E!News, Fashion Magazine and Nail Magazine. A much sought-after mentor and educator, she provides pedicure education at least twice a year at industry trade shows. Her patent for an ergonomic manicuring support, The Ergo Lift, was approved in July by the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Lori hopes to raise awareness for the importance of body ergonomics in the nail industry.

Halloway is the strategist and founder of the Global Meticulous Manicurist Network and Online Training Center that will generate qualified nail technicians all over the world. The site will launch in 2020. Her goal is to help nail technicians better understand changes in nails as we age and care for their communities in the best way possible. And teach family members how to better care for aging family members at home. The education she is providing for at home care is revolutionary.


While her videos are so, so satisfying to watch, Halloway’s main goal is to “set a new standard of care in nail education.” 

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Learn the exact strategies I have used to build my career.

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Learn a new way of seeing and doing that will impact your growth.

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365 Days to Access and Re-watch the lesson.

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Develop your skills quickly and eliminate the learning curve.

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Customers reviews

Listen to what others have to say

I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am a certified clinical aesthetician and was never formally trained to do pedicures. I was blessed to find you. You helped me learn the important steps and really helped my confidence and encouraged my practice! Thank you so much!
Meranda Lajeunesse
I've learned almost everything I know about pedicures from you. You're one of the main reasons I became a nail tech. My clients say their feet feel fantastic and so much more comfortable after I've given them a pedicure. I really appreciate all the information and guidance you provide. Thank You.
Jacqueline Swanepoel
Your teaching style is so easy to understand and informative. I have been watching and learning from the Meticulous Manicurist for quite some time. I am ready to step out and practice the correct way to care for my and my husband's feet. I have been doing pedi's on many of my elder relatives with much relief for them. I only wish I had your video tools to guide me properly back then. Thanks for for all you do, your caring, and willingness to share.
Mary Hicks
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Tools-Techniques-Timing-Pricing Course

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