online training kit for nails

Here at The Meticulous Manicurist, we take pride in offering the highest quality products and supplies. We manufacture and distribute our brand to keep prices low by eliminating the middle man. We offer several different kits for nails to support the online course you choose to take. Each kit is available for a special price when you purchase the corresponding course. The kit will be available to purchase after your course purchase. You can also purchase the kits individually here on this page at a regular price. Click on the item to see a description of what is included in the kit. The kits you see on this page are not available for purchase anywhere else or on any of our other sites. We have put together a kit for pedicures and a kit for electric file training as well. Check back for our latest courses available or sign up for our email list to get the latest updates on our courses. You will be automatically added to our list with any purchase from this site.

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