Save Your Nails

How to Recover Damaged Nails
in 1 Hour!

Are your nails damaged from removing acrylic or other artificial products like dip or gel? Learn the exact steps the meticulous manicurist takes to recover damaged nails in just one hour! 

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What You'll Learn in This Course



Exact Step-by-Step Products



Exact Step-by-Step Techniques



Detailed Manipulative Skills

Go from Beat Up to Beautiful in Just One Hour!

Are your nails thin, sore, and fragile after removing artificial products like acrylic, dip, or gel nails? I can teach you how to have relief and recover your nails in just 60 minutes! Am I kidding? Nope! Is it magic? Heck no. Are you serious? Absolutely! 

My motto has always been “Real life, real situations for real learning.” My course is unique in the fact I
am going to teach you everything I have learned over my 25-year career to get to where I am today!​

Lori Halloway

Lori Halloway

- The Meticulous Manicuristst

While her videos are so, so satisfying to watch, Halloway’s main goal is to “set a new standard of care in nail education.” 

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