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Result Oriented

Safe specialty foot care within the scope of nail technician license. Trusted by millions of people worldwide to educate the industry.

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A referral network for anyone to find you. Your contact information will be added to the network map. People will travel some distance to see you!

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Premium education at an amazing price. Real skills and techniques to accomplish sought after transformations. Lifetime Access!

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Answer "Yes" and you'll never have to worry about your career or rely on others for your livelihood. Instead you will be in big demand, earning great money, working a few days a week,
delivering result oriented services to earn the life you want. I've been you. I know how hard it is to get started in this business and I know what it takes to create client retention and full books. My latest graduates are raving about their happy returning clients and are booking clients left and right.

When I started my YouTube channel with your needs and interests in mind, I had no idea what the outreach would be from the general public all over the world.My YouTube channel audience is looking for Certified Meticulous Manicurists. And I am looking for you to join my network by taking The Global Meticulous Manicurist Course Pack. Now you can take the modules individually but you get the best value when you purchase the course pack.

My online pedicure courses, acrylic nails training, and salon focused training can help you develop a productive career strategy. As a result, you will establish a strong, healthy, business relationship with loyal clientele. Like I said, I know what it's like to have all the drive and passion but not a full clientele. I still hear from clients all over the world, every day, asking for a referral to a Certified Meticulous Manicurist. They are looking for a nail technician with a specific set of skills to meet their needs. I can develop your nail business with my advanced online nail technician training courses. They are easy to access and follow along.

Are you ready to skyrocket your career? Yes!

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Do You Want to be a Meticulous Manicurist?

Choose from Many Online Pedicure Classes and More!

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Advance Your Skills

Learn advanced pedicure techniques including electric file implementation by taking my online pedicure classes.

New to Seasoned Techs Will Thrive!

Build Your Business Foundation

Learn the skills you need to develop lasting relationships with clients. Use marketing materials the right way.

I Teach You Everything!

Grow Your Clientele

Build credibility to attract the right clientele with solid business skills. Learn skills to retain those clients.

Clients Are Looking For You!

Join the Team

Meticulous Manicurist Certification provided for most courses and official Network membership with Course Pack.

Be a Part of the Industry Solution!

Tackle the Toughest Toenails

My advanced online nail technician training, including pedicure classes, manicure classes, and acrylic nails is based on real-life situations, so you can interpret and modify your skillset to meet the needs of most clients you encounter. Every client has individual needs, and with my proven methods, you can grow your business and lock in your future success. Attending in-person pedicure classes isn't always easy. That is why I made pedicure classes available online. Most of my nail technician training courses award a certificate upon completion.

Develop Your Skills
Earn The Career You Want

Client Retention Skills

Do you want a full appointment book? I will teach you how to find the right clients to fill your books and how to keep them coming back for 20 years.
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Client Referrals

Do you want to belong to a sought-after referral network of nail technicians? I will add licensed nail technicians business information to my referral network for everyone to find your business.
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Increase Income Promise

Do you want to earn an amazing salary? My online pedicure and acrylic nails training can increase your income by 100%-200%. I will teach you business strategies in each of my online pedicure classes and nail lessons. My nail technician training courses will keep your nail services streamlined so you can see 10+ clients a day.
online pedicure classes

Education that Pays Off

Have you been searching for a pedicure or nails class online. Invest in yourself and reap 10X, financially, mentally and physically. In addition to technical and business skills, I teach you how to protect your body during nail services to prevent repetitive use injuries.
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Marketing Done For You

BONUS Download PDF Checklists and Scripts like courtesy call scripts, appointment policies, salon policies, business card templates, referral cards and more.

Built in Support

BONUS Exclusive Meticulous Manicurist Facebook group. Being a member in this program is like having a built in support system to chat, like and share each others success to help one another.

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Robust, advanced pedicure classes, manicure, and acrylic nails classes are available to improve your services and gain the clientele you want and need. Earn the income you deserve by taking courses on my online training academy. Check out the available courses today!