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Cosmetology nail school partner. Cosmetology and nail school partner supplemental education integration. Premium education with lifetime student access.

Nail Schools & Cosmetology Schools

Partner Program Nail Technology Education

You did it! Your school is open, and we are here to help you succeed. Potential students are looking for schools that care about their best interests and future success. Our lessons flow seamlessly into your school curriculum. The Global Meticulous Manicurist Nail Academy offers a cosmetology and nail school partner program.

Premium Education

Real life skills and techniques you won't learn anywhere else

Student Success

Each student gets their own account to access on the go

School Discounts

Educational institution rate and rebates

Implement more than 17 lessons

Cosmetology instructors have been using The Meticulous Manicurist Nail Tutorials as supplemental education for years. Now lessons are formatted and geared specifically for students with detailed instruction and explanations.

Customized School Packages

Every school is unique with student enrollment requirements. Let us help you streamline your students’ needs.

Take your Nail Technicians to the top while earning more money for your nail school.

Four Ways

To increase your school's revenue stream

Curriculum Premium

You will build the curriculum add-on into the price of the student tuition. The value of the content is well over $6000 itself, but you will get a discounted nail school rate. Adding the material will literally cost you nothing and help your school earn more income. Apply for more details.

Student Services

Your school will be able to earn more revenue from practical hours as being a Meticulous Manicurist Partner School will attract more clients. Get your school on the map today!

Students will be more efficient and effective after the training, command a premium service dollar, and fit more clients into the day. They will be so prepared to enter the workforce and start earning an amazing salary in the career they love.

Student Kits

Your school will generate income by getting a premium discount on all student kit items. It’s all about ROI return on investment!

Client Retail

Client traffic is a great way to earn residual income. Adding this revenue stream to your business is a great way to increase your bottom line. Earning more money can help you install new equipment and more.
ergonomic hand rest for nail technicians

Prevention & Preservation

Ergonomics is the most important aspect of the nail industry. Start your nail technicians out on the right foot by protecting them with the only patented ergonomically-designed hand rest, The Ergo Lift, in the world.

Prevention and preservation are the keys to success for every nail technician on the planet. With the help of The Ergo Lift, you can also increase your productivity, speed, and efficiency, all of which lead to an increase in school revenue. While the student is in school, they will improve their timing to get more clients in so they are ready for real-world client expectations.

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Cosmetology and nail school partner supplemental education integration. Premium education with lifetime student access. Cosmetology nail school partner

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