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Build & Grow Your Nail Business Course

Build a Profitable Nail Business with the most thorough, easy-to-follow, straightforward, practical, real-life education you need to be successful but were never taught in nail school. The course includes many templates you can edit & use including: a salon brochure, business card, client retention, and thank you cards. Also learn how to create marketing materials using an online graphic design tool. Scripts for courtesy calls, spreadsheets to help you track your income and expenses, Inventory Ordering, Service Expenses, Chair Rental vs. Employee, and more. Build a Profitable Nail Business with this online training course!


Online Course Objectives

Learn How To…

  • Determine when is the appropriate time to become self-employed
  • Grow your client base from zero to hundreds of dollars a week
  • Earn additional income on a daily basis
  • Become a retailer & purchase at wholesale
  • Build a profitable career

For the...


Jumpstart your career.


Grow your client base.


Increase your income.

Proven ways to grow your business faster!

This course will shape your future as a nail technician. Giving you skills beyond the basic, giving you insight into the daily tasks to make them easy. When you take this course you are taking a valiant step to shape your future for the better. I share my trade secret strategies on how I used these same skills to generate over $100K a year salary!

Say hello to the confidence.

Say goodbye to the hassle.

Say hello to the security.


Meticulous Manicurist Online Academy
$ 199
  • Jumpstart Your Career
  • Grow Your Clientele
  • Increase Your Income
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